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At Future Networking we are continuously re-imagining solutions to face the latest cybersecurity threats. Everything we do is built to stay ahead of tomorrow’s threats. We utilize diverse products and solutions from industry leaders that include gateway defenses, end user training, heuristic analysis of malware and cyber attack behaviors, advanced AI, update and patch management, content filtering, system health monitoring, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and detailed reports. We use our 20+ years of experience and expertise to evaluate solutions for their efficiency, effectiveness, and usability. Our clients can relax knowing that our solutions are dynamic and always changing to stay ahead of current and emerging threats to their organization.

FNI Foresight creates a secure environment that improves  performance and up-time through continuous monitoring of system health status. Updates and patches are applied on a more controlled, non-disruptive schedule, and physical components like hard drives are monitored to detect issues – before they happen. FNI Foresight can also include a connection to our formidable Help Desk resources, including an ability to escalate to our Network Operations Center (NOC) & Security Operations Center (SOC). This encourages users to address issues as they come up, before they become disruptive to business operations. Our experience & expertise means we know how to evaluate and apply the best available technology tools and solutions to create systems that are efficient, effective, secure, and easy to use.

Complete, Continuous Coverage for Your Systems

After, is too late. Be Proactive.

Over half of SMBs go out of business within a year of falling victim to a cyber attack. There are new threats and scary numbers every day, but ignoring the issue, hoping it won’t happen to you, or giving up are not viable options. Don’t let inaction put you at risk of becoming a scary statistic. Now is the time; choose to fight back & defend your systems with FNI Foresight!

The scary numbers? – Triple digit increases in cyber attack rates targeting SMBs because SMBs have fewer defensive resources, average ransomware demands of over $100,000, and BBB research put the average loss of a breach at around $80,000. This doesn’t even take into account damage done to business reputation or lost business!

Take Control. Protect Your Systems & End Users.

FNI Foresight Cybersecurity

Enterprise Proven

Ransomware Warranty

FNI Foresight has solutions to meet your organization’s infrastructure needs. It provides scalable, cloud and on-premise management, offline support, and a robust API.

FNI Foresight is available with an industry leading ransomware warranty program.* 

Holistic Solution

Certified & Recognized

FNI Foresight is security in layers, addressing multiple threat & risk vectors. Hardware, software, and education – PC, Mac, Linux, VDI. We have you covered.  Real-time security: Intrusion Prevention, Intrusion Detection, logging, and mitigation.

For over two decades Future Networking has worked with security in numerous verticals providing compliant and proven solutions. These solutions have been tested and utilized by small businesses, the largest enterprise businesses, Local/State/Federal Governments, and more.

Embrace Autonomous Endpoint Protection

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Get up to $1 million in warranty protection against ransomware attacks.*

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*  Contact us for details on our FNI Foresight solution and Ransomware warranty. Main and some other images courtesy of #WOCinTechChat