Why FNI?

Proudly Serving & Securing Clients for

Over 25 Years!

Future Networking was founded in 1998 out of the desire to help businesses efficiently & effectively manage their technology.  Securing that technology was a natural part of our solutions from the beginning.  Integrity in all things has always been at the core of who we are as a company.  We believe there is a tremendous ethical responsibility in matching the correct solutions to the right client, without overselling or underselling, because clients are trusting us to know what they need.  We excel at this responsibility because we understand that every client is entirely unique, even if they appear similar on the surface.

We are a company of action.  We are Proactive, Practical, and Professional in everything we do.  We consistently work to exceed expectations while seamlessly integrating best practices security solutions for critical business infrastructure.  As Cybersecurity risks have steadily increased with IoT connectivity & remote workers, our experience & expertise has allowed us to continuously adapt to, and predict, evolving threats to defend our clients.  Security is not a lost cause to mourn or avoid. It is a fluid battle that requires knowledge, investment and vigilance for success. 

The FNI Advantage

Future Networking gives you one partner for all of your cybersecurity, technology products, support and carrier management. You need more than just “break fix” support. We provide comprehensive, proactive, holistic care that prevents many issues before they become a problem, optimizing efficiency & reliability, and mitigating threats to your systems. We take care of your technology, so you can focus your attention elsewhere.

Company Overview

A passion to achieve better results for our clients

Defining Our Character

We take pride in our ability to quickly learn the fundamental technology needs of virtually any industry, and match those needs with our decades of experience, to optimize the environments of our clients. The diversity of our clients has been both challenging and rewarding; because we have a wealth of diverse experience, we can apply innovative solutions more narrowly focused competitors may be entirely unaware of.

We have never focused on a limited vertical. Our specialty is serving a diverse variety of clients. Some of the industries we serve and have served include green technologies, healthcare and medical, biotechnology, manufacturing, education, law, restaurant, spa, hotel/motel and lodging, insurance, marketing and advertising, retail, financial services and banking, plant nurseries, childcare, professional services, automotive, government, engineering, communications, software and coding, steel, dental, optometry, shipping and imports, heating & air-conditioning, real estate & more.

  • Our experience, over two decades of providing technology services & support!
  • Our dedication to providing superior products and services!
  • Our speed, we are able to provide support FAST!
  • Our relationships, we build lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients based on integrity and trust! (some lasting 20+ years and still going strong!)

The improvements our solutions provide can have a positive impact on the global environment we all share! By moving infrastructure into “the cloud” and more centralized data-centers, technology has a smaller impact on electrical grids and produces less waste. The energy efficiency & ability to source power from greener and renewable energy sources lightens the environmental impact produced by hundreds of small, inefficient business offices. This also helps to reduce thermal management and pollution problems that local infrastructures can create. Utilizing centralized resources can also reduce energy usage because resources are allocated dynamically as needed, instead of being consistently maintained whether being used or not.

Company Timeline

Future Networking was founded in 1998 by Wayne Waldron with an exclusive focus on supporting complex server environments with optimization & security expertise.

As Future Networking grew, support for workstations and network infrastructure were added. Hardware & software solutions were a natural progression as clients sought a reliable source with product knowledge and fair pricing.

Over the years, more products and solutions were added to include: VOIP, Point of Sale, and telecommunications. The company shifted from a ‘break/fix” model that was reactive to client issues to a “managed services” model that was predictive & proactive.

As Future Networking continued and continues to focus on protecting clients; compliance, access control,  surveillance, and robotics have provided a holistic platform to defend clients against cybersecurity, physical world security, and non-compliance related threats.

Featured Testimonials

“FNI has been extremely responsive, professional and skilled in their supervision of my technical needs. I would recommend them to others in need of technical design and assistance.” 

Financial Services

“We first came to Future Networking a year ago with server issues that our previous I.T. provider could not resolve.  Within days, our issues were resolved and we have operated trouble-free ever since.  Today, we rely on Future Networking for all of our I.T. needs so that we can concentrate on what we do best, serving our customers.” 

Feed & Garden

“I value my relationship with Future Networking for countless reasons but the main reason is the trust between us. Never have I ever felt taken advantage of and everything is explained at a level I can understand. So many times I feel like I’m being sold with various other groups/companies, but when I deal with FNI, we ALWAYS get a solution that fits our budget and I have never had buyer’s remorse. I couldn’t imagine doing business with any other networking company.”


FNI logo with emblem celebrating 25 years in business

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