Introducing Uplevel

An All-In-One IT System

Powered by the cloud, managed from anywhere.

Premium Features

Enterprise class hardware

Deployed on premise for easy provisioning

Stateful Inspection Firewall

Looks deep into packet traffic for cyber security threats & provides a secure perimeter for your network.

Software and cloud-based value added services

such as a VPN, guest and employee Wi-Fi access, file server, cloud backup and diagnostics

Automatic Updates

Updated & patched equipment ensures that you always have the latest capabilities and strongest security posture available.

Pervasive security

Cutting edge cyber security features throughout the equipment, services and support

Unified Solution

A variety of solutions in one device. Efficiency, value, and effectiveness define the Unbox.

The Simplest Solution for Small Businesses

Uplevel’s hybrid delivery model combines powerful, integrated hardware onsite with cloud-based management & proactive alerts. It delivers the key IT infrastructure services every small business needs — LAN, Wi-Fi, file server & backup, VPN, business-class security, and more. 

The easiest user interface in the industry

  • See status, statistics and detailed analysis on one dashboard
  • Access from your laptop, tablet or smartphone, no apps to install
  • Receive dashboard alerts, email or TTS notifications if:
    1. Internet or Wi-Fi Access Point goes down
    2. WAN failover happens
    3. An address conflict is detected
    4. Storage gets full
    5. A backup fails
    6. The firewall detects malicious packets
    7. And more…

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