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Cyber Situational Awareness

If your organization falls victim to a malicious cyber attack, there’s nothing left but to assess the damage and take the best available steps towards recovery (if recovery is even an option). Why let it come to that point? Hoping what you have is ‘good enough’ or denying the legitimate danger cyberthreats represent is not the answer. There’s no reason to hope or guess when you can test and evaluate.

In order to have a holistic understanding to obtain true cyber situational awareness, you must also have a holistic approach to security. Holistic security is best designed in layers, addressing multiple threat & risk vectors. Physical, digital, hardware, software, and human elements must all be considered when evaluating organizational security. It must cover real-time security: Intrusion Prevention, Intrusion Detection, logging, and mitigation. It must also cover critical recovery functions like data backup and forensics as well as policies, documentation, and education.

Future Networking helps clients discover their current security posture, and what it will take to get their security posture where they it need to be. With our vulnerability testing we’ll find holes and vulnerabilities in your network and bring you solutions that help mitigate them. A Network Vulnerability Assessment combined with our proprietary spectrum of security tools delivers a range of necessary documentation and resources to locate weak areas in your organizational defenses. It will help meet applicable compliance requirements and create a road-map to address findings and take active, informed control of your cybersecurity. This testing may be required for you to reach HIPAA, CMMC, or other compliance standards you may have.

Get Hacked On your terms – If your organization falls victim to a malicious cyber attack, there’s nothing left but to assess the damage and take the best steps towards recovery.  Why let it come to that point? We can hack your network (perform an Attack Audit, with permission), to take your security to the next level. It can be the final piece of a complete Vulnerability Assessment and true cyber situational awareness.

To perform Future Networking’s Attack Audit services, we work with you to select a customized project to detect and exploit your network’s vulnerabilities. Once completed, we will generate detailed recommendations to help safeguard your systems. We include remediation steps and protocols that can minimize, address, and remove those weak links in your security chain.

Every discovered risk, or potential risk, may not carry the same level of concern for your organization. However, Penetration testing in conjunction with our Vulnerability Assessment, will give you a much more complete picture of your organization’s cybersecurity: human factor, equipment, prevention, detection, mitigation, response, and recovery.

Understand Threats & Counter Them

Cyberattacks come in various forms and degrees, from simple email phishing, to the most malicious developed from Advanced Persistent Threats, or “APTs”. Not many outside the Cybersecurity industry may know the term, APT, since it was created in recent years to describe highly organized, skilled and well-funded hacker groups, such as those working for China, Russia, North Korea, Iran and other nation states.

APTs are the most pernicious, their attacks are targeted, and their approach is methodical and thorough. APTs are the most dangerous, but there are countless more cybercriminals, hacktivists, cyberterrorists and independent hackers lurking in the shadowy corners of the Internet and Dark Web.

The only way your organization can truly understand how your network defenses might fare if attacked is by simulating such a cyberattack.

Depending on the value you place on your organization’s information, our team is able to pursue numerous methods of hacking your network, from cracking your webpages, to working inside your network, to social engineering, and using other vectors to determine what your organization’s vulnerabilities are. An Attack Audit is vital to fully understanding how to mitigate against breaches, data loss, and ransomware.

Future Networking understands that every organization is different, so each mission is tailored specifically to the objectives of the client. We can manage the entire process exclusive of a client’s internal personnel resources, as a ‘red team’ vs ‘blue team’ structure, or some variation of the two. Because Future Networking can mimic a variety of penetration tests and attacks via an Attack Audit,  clients can develop and maintain a highly robust defense against physical and digital threats. Cybersecurity is not a destination, it is a continuing process that requires vigilance and testing to manage.

Cyberattack Forensics

If your organization has been hacked, you may have experienced the emotions that come along with that discovery. You may wonder if you could have or should have done more with your Cybersecurity efforts. Either way, you know you’ve missed your chance to prevent the cyberattack. You are left trying to determine if your organization has taken sufficient proactive steps necessary to minimize the potential damage caused.  Whatever the reason for the breach, insufficient cybersecurity investment in hardware or software, lack of staff education, human error, or malicious intent – it’s too late… You’ve been hacked! But there is still hope. Future Networking can assist in recovery efforts! The odds are slim to roll back ransomed and encrypted files without having our proactive software in place. However, we can parse through the attack and determine what steps are best to attempt to recover the data and save your business. In the event that there is a good data backup to restore from, we can facilitate the clean reload of systems and restoration of that data.

Recovery is only part of the ‘after’ cyberattack process. We can assist with the investigation into ‘how’ it happened, and in some cases determine the ‘who’ behind the event. We have helped clients fill out crime reports and collaborated with local law enforcement cybercrimes divisions as well as with representatives from the FBI. Our efforts have pinpointed individuals responsible for maliciously hacking clients, attack vectors used to bypass inadequate cybersecurity, as well as accidental and intentional insider threat activity. Finally, we can create reports and supporting documentation to assist in reporting, criminal prosecution, and presentations to boards and governing bodies.

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