Video Surveillance Security

Security cameras and surveillance have always had an important role to play in location security. That value has been dramatically increased during the mayhem and unrest brought on by the pandemic, financial crisis and political unrest. Once rare events have become far more commonplace. As the risk of violence, arson, theft, and property crimes have increased, so has the need to be able to document these events.  Security cameras are an important tool that can improve employee safety as well as protecting property, inventory, and equipment.

Recorded video can provide documentation of external and internal incidences. It can catch employee’s engaging in theft against the organization or inappropriate behavior against other staff. Security camera recordings can be invaluable to law enforcement for catching and prosecuting insider threats or crimes committed from people outside of the organization. This tool can also be critical in filing insurance claims by being able to prove what happened and what was lost.

Video Surveillance doesn’t need to be restricted to a passive, documentation role. When actively monitored it can allow for a real-time response to in-process events. Everything from active shooters, looting, arson or accidental fires, assault, property crimes and almost every other imaginable crisis could experience extensive mitigation from having human eyes and effort involved.

Surveillance and security camera technology have advanced over the years. They have benefited from and provided benefit to robotics and access controls. Thermal imaging can help detect potentially unhealthy individuals, and may even be able to spot concealed weapons or other items of interest to organizational security. Facial recognition – either via artificial intelligence or manually – can prevent unauthorized access before it can become a problem. The massive scalability and adaptability of this security resource allows organizations to customize a solution that exactly matches their needs. Future Networking can provide a custom solution from wired to wireless, highly visible deterrents to hidden cameras and decoys, stand alone or integrated, and perhaps most importantly we can help secure and protect video surveillance solutions from data loss.

Access Control Security Solutions

Access controls, like video surveillance, have always had an important role to play in location security. It’s importance has also increased during the mayhem and unrest brought on by the pandemic, financial crisis and political unrest. They are a critical defensive measure to secure locations against unauthorized access. Access control protects facilities, property, data, equipment, & improves employee safety.

The options can be overwhelming for organizations seeking to secure vital resources, intellectual property, medical equipment or data, or government related property. What is the best balance of effective to cost effective? What measures provide the most efficient security versus the burden placed on staff and guests of an organization? What needs to be handled within the organization &  what can be outsourced? How can automation be used to improve efficiency & reduce cost?

image of a person using a finger print scanner mounted on a wall

Future Networking can help organizations evaluate the best solutions for their locations and what they want to protect. Thermal imaging can help determine potential health or safety threats that may result in a need to prohibit access to a site. Checkpoints with metal detection and handheld wand scanners can also be used to evaluate potential security threats that may need to be denied access. Iris scanners, retinal scanners, fingerprint scanners, whole hand scanners, keypads, magnetic and RFID cards, and other methods may also be appropriate access control measures depending on the location and resources that need secured.

CCTV camera demonstrating thermal video surveillance and security technology. With a background of a city road with cars and pedestrians on a sidewalk.
Using a Contactless Card at a checkpoint
Security agent at an airport check-in gate patting down a bearded male passenger

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