Remote Video Conferencing

The New World of Remote Access

The world is changing. Due to the terrible circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic Remote Access is now a common term among almost all of us today.

Where once companies on average might have 5% of their workforce telecommuting while traveling or working from home, many companies are now seeing well over 50% of their workforce working remotely.

What does this mean for today, and into the future?

First, security for remote communication is more important than ever. Current off-the-shelf apps and ad hoc video and chat software is often riddled with security holes.

Second, multi-person video conferencing will augment in-person, physical face-to-face, meetings much more in the near future than ever before. Therefore, robust security, technology, and connectivity will play an even greater role as time passes.

Third, the need for fully immersive telepresence and videoconferencing will be used by innovative organizations desiring to maintain the human aspect of remote digital communication, and to introduce idea sharing and productivity equal to or greater than in-person collaborative meetings.

Future Networking provides Cybersecurity for videoconferencing and offers hardware and software solutions up to fully immersive conference environments.