Data Backup & Recovery Solutions

Hardware failure, malware, ransomware, human error & other threats put data at risk. The best defense against losing  data is backing it up with an industry leading solution like IntuiSafe.  However, there’s still hope if disaster strikes your data & it wasn’t backed up.  We have partnered with the superheroes at DriveSavers Data Recovery to recover lost data!

Intuisafe is an all-in-one, subscription-based solution that simplifies data backup & recovery from advanced threats, disasters and human error. Also available in a virtual version, it is flexible enough to meet the requirements of our clients running physical, virtual, and multi-site environments – all from a single, centralized management console.


Have you ever experienced Data Loss? That moment of realization that your hard work, business critical information, personal files and pictures, – your whole digital world is GONE!? It’s a frightening, disheartening experience that doesn’t have to happen to anyone. In a perfect world there would be no hardware failures, cyber criminals attacking systems, no disgruntled former employees, vandals, thieves, natural disasters or any other threat that could result in data loss. We don’t live in a perfect world, and Data Loss is a real concern for everyone. When the worst case scenario hits & there’s no backup, Data Recovery comes into play.

Is every Data Recovery effort a success? No. Sometimes there is no way to get the data back. By putting your trust in DriveSavers you will know that you have made the best effort, with the best company, and the best chance of success. If you need help, click on one of the banner ads, or give Drive Savers a call & be sure to give them our unique code: DS13228 to get your discount and access to additional project features and savings. (who doesn’t love discounts?) 

Data Recovery, eDiscovery, Digital Forensics & Data Backup are key elements of multi-layered Cyber Security best practices. From investigating insider threats to intrusion response to disaster recovery – We have the right solutions to defend your business.


Downtime Elimination

Intuisafe can protect you against disasters & data loss by combining local backup with the cloud to simply & cost-effectively get data off-site. It lets you securely & efficiently replicate data to the Intuisafe cloud for off-site protection. Intuisafe uses 256-bit AES encryption for all data in transit & at rest to ensure it remains secure & safe!

Streamlined Restores

Bare Metal Restore (BMR) option helps to streamline physical & virtual machine recoveries, eliminate configuration errors, & simplify physical-to-physical (P2P) & physical-to-virtual (P2V) recoveries. Intuisafe offers our clients three types of restores: BMR to like hardware, BMR to dissimilar hardware, & point-in-time restore.

Application AwareNESS

Intuisafe's superior SQL-native & Exchange-native data protection solutions offer automated, non-disruptive backups of SQL server & Exchange server instances. It provides industry leading application-aware protection & intuitive configuration for full or incremental backups.

Inline Deduplication

Intuisafe's inline deduplication significantly reduces storage needs, bandwidth requirements, & backup costs. Deduplicating data as it is received minimizes completion time for full backups and replication processes. Intuisafe's advanced variable block deduplication analyzes the data type to obtain the greatest level of deduplication.

Product Features

Rapid and Reliable Recovery
  • Maximize system up-time with disaster recovery tools that allow virtual machine recoveries in minutes
  • Manage VMs from a single backup agent with support for VMware APIs
  • Easily backup multiple VMs FAST using Rapid Recovery with offline backup for Microsoft’s Hyper-V
Ransomware Protection
  • Be safe & compliant with robust cloud backup and recovery!
  • Quickly restore damaged files from your most  recent clean backup
  • With Intuisafe you can remotely start the restore process from the cloud
Image Backup
  • Enables protection for server level applications as an image-based backup solution
  • Delivers a higher level of data protection with multiple versions & 256-bit AES encryption for all data in transit & at rest
  • Image backup options for: BMR to LH, BMR to DH, P2P & P2V recovery, Object-level restore, & Fast RTO.

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