Foresight Professional Cybersecurity

Every organization faces Cybersecurity concerns without regard to their size, industry, or location. Though these ever-changing threats may seem overwhelming, the wise choice is to take proactive action. 

FNI’s recommended solution for organizations:

Foresight Professional is FNI’s recommended solution for organizations to secure their, both on premises and remote access. Our platform builds upon our entry-level security provided by Foresight Basic with added prevention and mitigation capabilities. 

Key to Foresight Professional’s capabilities is ransomware protection. Your network is monitored by an always-on Security Operations Center (SOC) that runs 24/7/365. In the unlikely event something should get through the robust ransomware prevention measures in place, they identify it and work quickly to isolate and respond to the threat – including the ability to roll-back to a pre-attack state.

The Risk Watch feature requires clients to have an active Office 365 subscription as well as an Azure Active Directory Premium P2 subscription. Risk Watch helps us keep you alerted to security events that may impact your Office 365 accounts. Risk Watch generates alerts if any of six specific risk events are detected: user with leaked credentials, sign-ins from suspicious IP addresses, sign-ins from malware-infected devices, impossible travel to atypical locations, sign-ins from unfamiliar locations, and sign-ins from anonymous IP addresses.

Foresight Professional improves upon the email-based Security Awareness Training included in Foresight Basic with an annual onsite one-hour training session. This helps users better understand cybersecurity threats and the steps they can take to protect against those threats.

Lastly, FNI will facilitate MFA (multifactor authentication) activation, configuration, and implementation for end user applications that support MFA. This helps prevent unauthorized access even if passwords become compromised.

Foresight Professional Features Overview:

  • Includes Foresight Basic

  • Remote Management & Monitoring

    • Patching/Updating

    • System health monitoring with alerting for hardware & software issues

    • Remote Access Solution

    • Antivirus

  • DNS Protection

  • Security Awareness Training via remote, email-based end user behavior testing

  • 24/7/365 Security Operations Center (SOC) monitoring

  • Ransomware protection (including rollback capability)

  • Risk Watch Office 365 (P2 license required)

  • Increased Security Awareness Training via one-hour onsite session once a year

  • Multi-factor Authentication solution

For organizations looking for additional measures to achieve compliance with specific regulatory requirements, Future Networking offers Foresight Compliance.