Foresight Basic Cybersecurity

Combating cybersecurity threats for your organization may seem insurmountable, but even the smallest organization needs to start somewhere. Larger businesses with full-time IT staff must contend with the operational needs of the company, and few IT professionals are specialized in Cybersecurity. For those without full-time onsite IT staff this can be an even bigger issue. System updates, patches and general system health monitoring can be more than a simple challenge, they can take focus away from the day-to-day IT needs of the business. 

Foresight Basic provides foundational Cybersecurity solutions for large and small organizations through preventive maintenance features for endpoints. It installs patches and updates behind the scenes, and clients remain uninterrupted until an alert is generated.

This represents FNI’s minimum protective offering, but still automatically monitors and analyzes your systems for issues. When a system is out of established health parameters or a function fails, an alert is sent to designated contact(s) via email to choose a course of action. 

Remote Access to workstations is also included in Foresight Basic. This allows our support team to remotely assist clients with issues on their systems and allows clients to access their systems from remote locations when they are not in the office. This feature is especially important during crisis situations and extreme weather that prevent end users or onsite IT resources from physically being with office workstations.

Foresight Basic defends against recognized malware by using constantly updated anti-malware and anti-virus protection that mitigates against most current threats. It also includes another level of security with DNS protection. DNS protection can act as a critical line of defense against various malicious cyber-attacks like phishing, malware, and denial of service (DOS) attacks. When threats are identified and blocked at the DNS level, the threat is neutralized before it becomes a problem. It can help to mitigate malicious payloads and reduce their ability to impact other systems on the network.

Even though Foresight Basic is a basic offering, it also offers an often overlooked but extremely important layer of cybersecurity: end user education and training. This level of service includes Security Awareness Training through remote email end user behavior testing. We send out messages that match common phishing and malicious actor templates to help end users learn how to spot threats and avoid becoming a victim by clicking on things they shouldn’t.

Features Overview:

  • Remote Management & Monitoring

    • Patching/Updating

    • System health monitoring with alerting for hardware & software issues

    • Remote Access Solution

    • Antivirus

  • DNS Protection

  • Security Awareness Training via remote, email-based end user behavior testing

For organizations looking for more protection against ransomware and other cyberattacks and threats, or those who need additional measures to achieve compliance with specific regulatory requirements, Future Networking offers Foresight Professional and Foresight Compliance.