Mitigating Risk

Vulnerability Testing

If your organization falls victim to a malicious cyber attack, there’s nothing left but to assess the damage and take the best available steps towards recovery (if recovery is even an option). Why let it come to that point? Hoping what you have is ‘good enough’ or denying the legitimate danger cyberthreats represent is not the answer. There’s no reason to hope or guess when you can test.

Future Networking will help mitigate your risk and bring you peace of mind. With our vulnerability testing we’ll find holes and vulnerabilities in your network and bring you solutions that help you reach HIPAA, CMMC, or other compliance standards you may have. A Network Vulnerability Assessment combined with our proprietary spectrum of security tools delivers the full range of necessary documentation and resources to locate weak areas in your organizational defenses. It will help meet applicable compliance requirements and create a road-map to address findings and take active, informed control of your cybersecurity.

Penetration Testing

We can hack your network (Attack Audit, with permission), to take your security to the next level. It is the final piece of a complete Vulnerability Assessment.

With Future Networking’s Attack Audit services, we exploit your network’s vulnerabilities and generate detailed network-safeguarding recommendations, including remediation steps and protocols that can minimize, address, and remove those weak spots.

Every discovered risk, or potential risk, may not carry the same level of concern for your organization. However, Penetration testing in conjunction with our Vulnerability Assessment, will give you a much more complete picture of your organization’s cybersecurity: human factor, equipment, prevention, detection, mitigation, response, and recovery.

Get Hacked,

On Your Terms!

Find Out How!

Understanding Threats & How to Counter Them

penetration testing, finger print and passwordCyberattacks come in various forms and degrees, from simple email phishing, to the most advanced and devastating developed by Advanced Persistent Threats, or “APTs”. Not many outside the Cybersecurity industry may know the term APT. It was coined to describe highly organized, skilled and well-funded hacker groups, such as those working for criminal enterprises to China, Russia, North Korea, Iran and numerous other nation states who are able to compromise cybersecurity for an extended period of time and be extremely hard to detect and counter.

APTs are the some of the most pernicious and effective malicious actors, their attacks are targeted, and their approach is methodical and thorough. APTs are the most dangerous, but there are countless more hacktivists, cyberterrorists, and independent hackers lurking in the shadowy corners of the Internet and Dark Web.

The only way your organization can truly understand how your network defenses might fare if attacked is by simulating such a cyberattack through Vulnerability Assessment and Pentesting.

Depending on how and where you place value on your organization’s resources (data, reputation, compliance, IP, etc.), our team is able to pursue numerous methods of “hacking” your network, from cracking your webpages, to working inside your network, to social engineering, and using other vectors to determine what your organization’s vulnerabilities are. Even when Future Networking is not your primary cybersecurity resource, we can help you verify the effectiveness of your current provider or internal resources. We can act as the white-hats you employ as the Red Team testing your Blue Team’s defenses.

An Attack Audits is vital to fully understanding how to mitigate against breaches, data loss, and ransomware. This holds true even with a current cybersecurity provider like Future Networking. Having defenses is half of the cyberbattle, the other half is testing and verifying those defenses. We are not limited to performing solely as a Red Team to the Blue Team – you may not have. As we provide complete cybersecurity solutions, we also provide complete Penetration Testing by putting our defensive Blue Team staff and solutions up against our Red Team staff.

Future Networking’s Certified Ethical Hacker resources have years of experience with Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing. Every organization is different, so each mission is tailored specifically to the objectives of the client. Our strong, skilled, attack capabilities to test how defensive measures actually perform will provide confidence that your organization is taking reasonable and responsible control of its security.