Mitigating Risk

penetration testing, finger print and passwordCyberattacks come in various forms and degrees, from simple email phishing, to the most malicious developed from Advanced Persistent Threats, or “APTs”. Not many outside the Cybersecurity industry know the term, APT, since it was created in recent years to describe highly organized, skilled and well-funded hacker groups, such as those working for China, Russia, North Korea, Iran and other nation states.

APTs are the most pernicious, their attacks are targeted, and their approach is methodical and thorough. APTs are the most dangerous, but there are countless more cyberterrorist and independent hackers lurking in the shadowy corners of the Internet and Dark Web.

The only way your organization can truly understand how your network defenses might fare if attacked is by simulating such a cyberattack.

Depending on the value you place on your organization’s information, our team is able to pursue numerous methods of hacking your network, from cracking your webpages, to working inside your network, to social engineering, and using other vectors to determine what your organization’s vulnerabilities are.

An Attack Audits is vital to fully understanding how to mitigate against breaches, data loss, and ransomware.

Future Networking’s in-house Certified Ethical Hacker has years of experience with Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing as part of the U.S. Navy’s Submarine Cybersecurity project. He and other security staff assess your network and take steps to penetrate it. Every organization is different, so each mission is tailored specifically to the objectives of the client.

The fact that Future Networking has such a strong attack offense results in your organization having a highly robust defense.

Penetration Testing/Vulnerability Testing

Get Hacked! On your terms . . .

If your organization falls victim to a malicious cyber attack, there’s nothing left but to assess the damage and take the best steps towards recovery.  Why let it come to that point?

We can hack your network (Attack Audit on contract, with permission), and ultimately provide you greater security!

With Future Networking’s Attack Audit services, we exploit your network’s vulnerabilities and generate detailed network-safeguarding recommendations, including remediation steps and protocols that can minimize your vulnerabilities.